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It’s late and the kids are finally asleep and I’m watching a show I’ve already seen many times…

It’s the second week since I stopped working. I’m already noticing a huge difference in mobility and mental health. A positive difference. I knew that working was taking a lot out of me but I didn’t realize just how burnt … Continue reading

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The last few months and looking for work as an Autistic adult. Yay.

Since the latest health scare, this past summer, Ive done my best to be upbeat and to try to keep on going in my work to get my shit together.  Ive been so busy with that Ive forgotten to write … Continue reading

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Journal: Health issues, hospital stay, blood test results. Anxiety.

I had planned to write so much over the summer, alas, that didn’t happen like I wanted. Instead, I have been consumed with fears about my health.  A hospital stay, blood tests, and waiting have taken up all of my … Continue reading

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Autism Acceptance: Listen to Autistic People.

Lately I have been getting rather irritated by certain things in the “Autism” community. I put quotations around the word Autism because I am not referring to actually autistic people, I am referring to those who claim to speak for … Continue reading

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Back to school and venting about last year….

So the new school year is starting. This is good. All parents know that feeling when they FINALLY go off to school again. For us it is that, but then it is also a bit stressful when considering all the school meetings that will ensue in the near future because my kids are autistic…… Continue reading

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Reflection, Blog Direction, & Autism

I have had this blog for a long time.  Mostly, I always used it as a venting place.  I’ve dealt with a lot of drama at certain periods in my life and took to the webs to air my grievances. … Continue reading

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A Bad Day: Sensory issues and Mistakes…

Update (dec 6, 2014): I realize now that if one doesn’t know what sensory overload is then this post might seem kinda… crazy or chaotic… I dont know how else to say it. Sensory overload is a symptom of Autism, … Continue reading

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