Sick For Days…

It is Sunday evening, close to the kiddos bed time.  The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is on the television as my daughter frolics back and forth… she stops every now and then to watch, then resumes her play.  A cough escapes her every few minutes.  Poor thing.  She has been so sick the past week and half that I have not slept in my own bed due to my worry. Ive slept on the couch because it is closer to her room. Every night, after fighting with her to give her medicine (inhalers and such), I put her in bed and close the door. Once she would be asleep Id then open the door and remain on the couch so that I would wake as soon as she made any noise.  One good thing about falling asleep on the couch is that I get my background noise, which is what I was used to before moving here. I always had a tv in my room, let it play all night on low volume.  So Ive done that here, even though the couch is not very comfy, Ive at least countered that uncomfyness with the comfyness of the low mumbly sounds from the TV. Mostly its been Star Trek Deep Space Nine.  Sometimes about that show, the nostalgia, I guess.. I grew up watching those shows.  I switch between Deep Space Nine and Voyager… although when Voyager is on I tend to pay more attention so I dont go to sleep too easily.  I just love that show…

So from Saturday of last week, which makes this the 8th day, my little monster has been really sick.  It started with a fever and a very, very runny nose.  After three days, since the fever remained, I took her to a doc.  Her lungs were full of muckity muck, so she was prescribed two inhalers.  The tubey thing that comes with is supposed to help a child use an inhaler, but it only made things worse because it scared the crap out of her.  The only way I could get her to use it was by force. Id have to hold her down while she screamed, but at least she breathed the meds in -in between screams, that is.  What mattered was that she was getting her meds. After a few more days her fever still didn’t go away, if anything it kept getting higher, so we went to a doc again. This time she received antibiotics. Her lungs were clear but a new infection was in her ears and sinuses. That night the fever got a bit higher but the next day it was almost gone. A low grade fever and then the day after, which is today, she has not had a fever all day.  So that is awesome, and I dont have to be worried anymore.  She has to finish her antibiotics and keep using her inhalers though.

During all of this I never even considered the possibility that I might get sick in the process of taking care of my little miss monster butt.  I would keep her close, she’d sleep right next to me at times, and cough and spit right in my face.  So now I am sick but it is nowhere near as bad as hers was.  I think I will be just fine.

Im already feeling a bit better than I was when I started typing this out. And I am also running out of things to talk about. I keep having to get up from this comp, the kids keep needing something here and there. So, it may be abrupt, but I will end it here.

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