Xmas prezzies, dress malfunction and good food.

Happy Holidays to you all!  If you are one of those that gets all upset about people saying that, consider that maybe it isn’t an attack on your Xmas… but a way to include everyone who celebrates the holidays at this time.  It isn’t always about you, duh! I have seen a ton of FB posts that say something about how it should be said Merry Christmas.. or CHRISTmas… or whatever. Gahd, how do you breath that thin air up there on your crazy high horse? Seriously, lighten the fuck up.

Now that I have thoroughly offended a few people, let me get on with it.  Even though I may be sounding like a complete B word, I really do hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday.  Mine was pretty damn good, actually. I was certainly surprised, in a good way, by how mine went.  Firstly,  I went to my brother’s house for some awesome food on the 24th.  That is how we do it here, we do the good food and open prezzies after dinner on the eve of good ol’ Xmas.  By here, I mean Iceland. For those who don’t know.  And then Im sure that on the 25th there is more tradition but we didnt do any of that, I got to have a day to chill and let the kiddos trash the apt even more than it already was with their shiny new toys.  But, on the 24th we opened presents.  My son received a pretty awesome little handheld game console powered by android, so it’s basically a tablet and controller rolled into one. And yea he got other stuff, toy gun, clothes, legos, but his passion is games and Youtube.. He says he wants to be a Youtuber when he grows up.  Yep.  My daughter got some amazing things too, a dollhouse, a Minnie Mouse themed riding toy, an a giant baby doll carriage… among other things.  Me, well… haha, I was amazingly pleasantly surprised when I opened my last gift.  A friggin laptop! On which I type this out at this very moment, on my very own personal computer.  And yes, it is in my lap.  Which I am not very comfortable, it should be on a table, I think the crampy feeling in my arms would be non existent if I actually sat correctly, but that is beside the point.

I am all over the place with this post.  I should have mentioned my dress malfunction before the presents, if I were to post it in order of how it all went.  At my brother’s house I realized the pants I was wearing (legging pant things) under my dress kept falling down.  Well, because… let’s face it, Im not skinny and they didnt exactly fit that well… I have a huge ass. I aint ashamed to admit I have a ton of junk in my trunk, and that makes pants an issue for me.  I usually have to go two sizes up just to fit that booty in them pants.  Anyway, because of that, my pants fell a few times, so I looked incredibly rude to be pulling them up under my dress… which, that damn dress, by the way, Ive had for years and so all the beads were starting to fall off.  Im amazed I didn’t leave a trail of black shiny beads in my wake.  Most were still intact, but in several spots on the sides I noticed a few had fallen. And then when I got home I heard that glittery sound of beads hitting the floor, a string had come loose.  Gotta love being so broke you can’t buy a new dress for the holidays, one that you assume you will never wear again… the dress I did wear I bought for a funeral a few years back and didnt think I would ever wear it…

So there I go, totally digressing, yet again.  The food. Ah.  Right.  It was fantastic.  My brother, his wife, and other brother did the cooking.  Good job guys, and gal.

My boy ate pretty good, I think… and my daughter refused to eat, that picky little thing.  She ate some chips and candy. Yea, the most important of the food groups of course.  We then opened presents, and my brother and his wifey got me a pretty awesome friggin ring. A tiny little silver band thing kinda like a bow design on it, but I love it.  I prefer plain jewelry, nothing crazy fancy.  I love silver, hate yellow gold… I HATE yellow gold, it is the ugliest shit I have ever seen and will never wear it. I don’t know why I dislike it so much, it is just plain fucking ugly to me.  Anyway, my point was that I got that ring and I love it.  The kids received their awesome toys there also, except the riding thing was opened at home.  Then after the dinner and presents we went home and opened the rest, that is when I opened the beauty upon which I type now.  Also my son opened his android powered beast of a handheld crazy.  And my dad opened his gift from me, drum roll… four coffee cups.  YES, I am a big spender.  Hey, he basically told me, whilst shopping for xmas decorations, that that is what he wanted. He pointed them out and everything.  I almost didn’t realize it was a *hint hint* moment.  When he said he liked them I thought well then why don’t you buy them… oh… right...

So yea, no asd meltdowns or sensory overload or anything like that… not from me or the kids.  I was a bit stressed and exhausted but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Receiving this laptop certainly made whatever ick I might have been feeling go away for the moment.  So I have spent the day putting anti virus software and setting up my profile and all that good shite on this comp. I am personalizing the shit out of this thing.

So that was my holiday. I spent yesterday, xmas day, just chilling and the kids were being crazy but I tuned them out. And now I have to force myself to get started on the post xmas clean up.  So far I have managed to do the dishes and throw away all the paper that was thrown all over.  Man, my apt looked like a tornado went through it. Seriously.  And every autism parent knows how bad it can get, it is nuts.  I hate cleaning… hate it… ugh…

Coffee time.

Also I realize that there is a metric shit ton of grammatical errors in this post.

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