Reminiscent Sentiments

Its an odd thing, to look back at one’s life and take a long look at the people involved. Looking back and seeing how much you have changed when those you surrounded yourself with seemed to have stayed the same. After years of mental and emotional healing it seems that all the toxic individuals from your past are just as toxic as ever. As a matter of fact, for me, I’ve noticed that they are worse than they were before. I mean, they are Trump supporters for fuck’s sake.

They’re pretentious, self righteous ideology has only grown since I’ve seen them last. It’s been nine years this month. It doesn’t feel like its been that long. I guess a life less toxic passes by rather quickly. I’m no longer consumed with the theatrics of the apathetic, selfish characters that I begrudgingly endured for so many years. I’m quite pleased with the way things have turned out.

Every once in a while, I catch a faint glimpse of that past life through social media when some of said individuals let it slip through the cracks of their constructed online facade. I assume their makeshift personas are rather tedious to maintain considering the massive amount of discord they tend to sew in others. They must be, because every now and then one will let their usual “selves” slip through. With a judgment here, or a temper tantrum there, etc.

In most recent events, I suspect that I have been a topic of contention for quite some time. One particular individual over reacted online and went into a tirade about how I supposedly feel or haven’t shown or what-have-you. It was so seemingly out of nowhere. But it couldn’t have been. It had to have been building over time, because it took a itty bitty thing to set them off. A simple vague post on Facebook and boom! I’m a terrible person who’s done them wrong. They’ve made me the villain of their story probably. That’s okay, I’ll make a fabulous villain.

At the same time as this over reaction. I reiterate, an over reaction. At the same time another individual let it be known that they were also angry with me by cutting online ties. I find it to be quite amusing considering they have no leg to stand on, so to speak. No dog in the fight. At the very best, they contributed genetic material. Which is why I find this behavior so amusing, like they have a right to be upset when they didn’t contribute in any other way. Even when they were present, at most, they made things more difficult. I was saddled with all the responsibility as they frolicked. All the while blaming me and everyone else for their shortcomings.

It’s ludicrous that these individuals feel they have any right to be upset with the way things have turned out. With who my kid is. I say who my kid is because I’ve only ever let my kid be who they are. Instead of forcing some social norm or bigoted view points onto them, I have stepped out of the way and given them the room to navigate their own identities. Without bigotry. Without the hateful restrictions that certain individuals would impress upon them if given the opportunity.

I know that if they had their way, they would have indoctrinated my child with their bigoted, hateful rhetoric forcing said child to suppress their truth and live a tortured existence. While I would have been there to counteract such atrocities, it still would have taken its toll on their well being. And I cannot abide that. I will not. As to the accusations of making my child this way… fucking spare me.

You cannot make someone be another gender. You cannot make someone be a certain sexuality. They are who they are and that is that. If you truly are tormented by the fact that I let my kid live their lives without suppression, then I guess you just have to live with that discontent. Because they are who they are and you are wayyyyyy over there, thousands of miles away.

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